Bartender Service Safety


Many people may vaguely assume that a bartender’s job is the easiest one in the world. Indeed, bartending is no less than art. It involves a lot of delicacies along with a certain set of techniques and skills.

Mixing and serving drinks is just one of many responsibilities a bartender must see to. He or she is supposed to comply with the requirements of Bartender Services Safety. Read on to know what Bartender Services Safety exactly means:


Enhanced hospitality always wins customers' hearts. As a Bartender, you should continuously sharpen your hospitality skills. Learn how to greet the customer/s in a way that makes them feel welcomed. Always wear a warm smile, it makes you look like an approachable person. Also, you must show an equal amount of care and attention towards everyone you attend to at the bar.

Personal Hygiene

Your hygiene habits say a lot about yourself. You pass a lot of drinks to lots of people during your shift. You should practice healthy hygiene habits to minimize the risk of exchanging germs. Use sanitary essentials often and when necessary while you’re at work. Besides, immediately notify your manager in case you fall ill. Take an off-day to keep others safe.


Know your game before you get into the game. Get acquainted with the whole range of drinks and foods you’re dealing with. Taking time to know the products and risks associated with them can make your job a lot easier. Only if you’re a well-informed Bartender, you can serve your customers with precision and may even earn more tips than the rest of your fellow Bartenders. 

Alcohol Awareness

The new mixing technologies are trending worldwide among Bartenders but can sometimes turn out risky. As a responsible Bartender, you ought to follow the instructions to mix chemicals. Don’t try anything new just for the sake of sport. It’s also your responsibility to ensure that all liquor is properly secured during your shift time.

Calm Demeanor

However, a Bartender is supposed to be generous all the time, but the patrons are not always very nice. There are going to be times when you’re likely to think that a rude customer should be banned from the bar. At such times, you are supposed to distance yourself from the situation. Never respond to the drunken behavior or a customer simply-being-rude, rather let the Security and or Management do their job.

Emergency Procedure

Bars are busy places where people often indulge in excessive alcohol consumption. You must be trained well enough to quickly spot an incident/s of overconsumption or alcohol-induced behavior change. When such an event comes in your sight, stop serving the customer and notify management promptly.  

It’s not possible to imagine a bar culture if you remove Bartenders from the picture. But imagine you sipped some weird-tasting drink on Friday night in a bar! Yes, that’s what happens if a Bartender is undertrained. The required perfection and expertise can only be achieved by being properly trained and working towards perfecting the drinks that you make.

Why do you think Bartender Service Safety is important and how can it further be improved?

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