How To Earn More Tip$


Who doesn’t love to earn some extra tips? It’s a treat for the servers which translates as the customers have acknowledged your services. If you’re earning tips, you’re making your customers happy. It’s a win-win for both parties.  

If you are ready to garner the mutual benefits of earning tips. Read on to find the subtle tactics to get those extra dollars in your pocket.  

Smile often 

Undoubtedly, nothing like a smile can add charm to your personality. Smile more and more often to be perceived as a friendly and attractive person. Surveys have shown that servers who greet and serve with a smile get more tips. Do not be afraid to wear the charisma of your smile. Your next tip is just a smile away!  

Introduce yourself by your name 

If you introduce yourself to customers by your personal name, it creates a friendly air and makes you look a friendlier person. This only raises the chances of getting tips from your customers. It’s all about how the customer felt about your persona and how you and they feel all the while – tip-earning business is lesser about the food quality and more about your disposition.  

Calling your customer by their name  

Just as introducing yourself by your name does wonders for servers, calling customers by their names also does the same. When a customer pays by a credit card, you'd inevitably know his/her name. Return the card while saying Thank you, Ms. XYZ. You’re likely to be tipped more than the customers were going to pay you.  

Don’t forget to repeat the order 

The servers who repeat their customer’s orders would certainly get more tips than those who don’t. Repeating someone’s words as you do while taking a customer’s order generates a sense that you are taking your customers seriously. Everybody likes to be taken seriously. Next time, you walk up to your customer, repeat the order while you note it down and always ask if they need something else or need to change something in the order before you lock it.  

Look pleasant 

Customers hang out at restaurants and bars to calm their qualms and enjoy some quality time. If servers put on something eye-catching to enhance their usual attire, customers would certainly be pleased with the sight of it. Women servers can wear natural makeup with bold-colored lipstick – red usually win hearts or a flower in their hair while men should wear a bold-colored tie. Carry yourself boldly and wear a smile, there’s no stopping from winning hearts to winning big tips.  

Be casual and entertaining 

A mixture of an amiable smile, open body language, and your pleasant tone is a secret yet simple formula to impress your customer. After you have introduced yourself to the customer, don’t hesitate to crack a light joke, say a word or two about the current weather, or compliment something like your customer’s dress. These subtle gestures of candidness may lead to earning additional tips.  

Customize your serving style 

Make a quick, precise observation of your customer. Some customers don’t want to be bothered by questions, some want your attention, and some want minimal services. If you mold your serving style according to their mood and needs, you provide your customer with precisely what he or she wanted. You certainly have paved the way to earn some extra tips here. 

A good tip is not just a few bucks, it’s the customer’s endorsement of a server’s good service. Being able to earn more tips not only increases your revenue but it boosts your morale to do better at your job.  

Have you ever tried any self-devised techniques that worked just right in your favor? 

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Jackie Underwood

Posted on Feb 14th, 2020

Great tip!