Ways to Advance your Food and Beverage Service Career 


Don’t be surprised to know that many of the food and beverage managers first used to work as waiters or bartenders and were only promoted later. If this can happen for those managers, it can happen for you too.

The chances of promotion in food and beverage service career are limitless. Just like every other career, food and beverage service career also demands you to be motivated, dedicated, and competent if you wish to advance in this field.  

Do you want to know what makes you stand out in your field, ultimately leading to promotion? Read on to know a handful of those secrets! 

Establish communication skills 

As a food and beverage server, you must be able to communicate with your fellow employees and customers in a warm, welcoming manner. If you have eyes on a higher paid job in your field, communication skills along with other skills will lead you to your destiny. As such, if you are to become a food and beverage manager in the future, you will be engaged in communication most of the time. 

Grab opportunities 

Never be afraid to take on more responsibilities or tasks that lie outside your job. This shows that you are capable of doing more than what you’re already doing. Next time your fellow worker takes a leave, offer yourself to fill in his/her place. Who knows, you might be supervising them all in a few months.  

Adopt soft skills  

Next time you show up for your shift, greet everybody with a smile on your face, listen to everyone intently, practice the same with your customers, and never stop learning more about the soft skills and courtesy. If you’re willing to develop your own charisma gradually, you are likely to win the chances of promotion and success. Customers and fellow workers have a say in your promotion. Be friendly and polite regardless. 

Gain experience 

Experience favors success. Spot the opportunities where you can render your services besides your due shift. This way you prove yourself as a competent worker who isn’t afraid to endure to give his/her best. Working multiple shifts also helps you learn to work under pressure. An additional tip – make sure your boss is aware of the efforts you’re making. And perhaps you’ll be promoted to your desired position before long! 

Go an extra mile 

Experience is not necessarily limited to your job hours. Rather, you can take on an optional training, internship program, or a voluntary certification offered at an authorized institution such as the National Restaurant Association. Having completed a certification or an additional course enhances your productivity and expertise, increasing your chances for promotion. Also, you will be seen as a better fit for the company compared to your fellow workers.  

Be an active participant 

Be it a restaurant/bar or an office, cohesive behavior is necessary to run it. Demonstrate a proactive attitude and participate when it’s necessary. There’s no harm to learn your company’s ways with intent to identify where your restaurant/bar lacks. When the right time comes, initiate a conversation with your boss or HR manager and drop your suggestion/s to improve the restaurant/bar. But that shouldn’t impede you to accomplish what your job requires of you. 

Your attitude shapes your fate more than you realize. People with certain skills are more prone to success than others, in all careers. Be patient with and trust your process. Rush will only make you anxious and you might end up messing things. Follow the ‘slow and steady’ strategy.  

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