Our mission is to establish a nationwide platform where the common issues that have been associated with posting and finding jobs become a thing of the past.

We have sought out to eliminate any complexities that come with this process by creating a platform that supports a seamless user experience that gives anyone the opportunity to transform their experience so that they can jumpstart their own success. We have designed a modern solution to recruiting within the food and beverage industry that is efficient and impactful. The Bartender Directory has practically reinvented all aspects of this business to show what it can really be; a service like no other!


Effective Design:

When developing The Bartending Directory, our team of experienced designers focused especially on implementing features and aspects of the platform as a whole that enhance its overall usability. We are committed to offering a service that anyone, regardless of their individual objectives, can make use of and transform their visions into a reality.


Consistent Service:

Our users will never have to worry about missing out on lucrative opportunities. We have dedicated ourselves to providing consistent service that mitigates downtime and ensures availability so that you never have to suffer as a result. Just create your account, add resume and start searching!



At The Bartender Directory, our clients are the center. We carry out a user-focused ideology that is committed to making sure that everyone who uses our site has all of the resources and knowledge they need to achieve their goals. From our job search and post features to our fully integrated design, we have sought out to offer something that allows you to forge your own path. Users can set their own prices, complete fully customized searches, and take part in a unique experience that gets them to their desired outcome in no time.

We are proud to be the only solution that provides “mix & match” recruiting services, and an online job board.


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